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CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 01.05.19

Young people come up with Top 10 tips for Independent Reviweing Officers, to use as guidelines to what a good review meeting looks like. Young people to further discuss and agree on the language at the next meeting. Young people looked at the current leaflet and discussed what needs to be on it and what …

CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 24.04.19

Young people continued to work from last week, looking at what a good and bad review meeting looks like. Young people put forward suggestions to come up with top 10 tips for a good review meeting. Looking forward to put togther this idea for professionals and young people. Thank you to all who attended.

CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 17.04.19

Get Oldham Working came to the meeting to speak to young people about the services they offer. Rohema Khan and her colleague spoke with young people about what jobs they would like and if they know how to get them. Young people discussed the current barriers when applying or looking for a job. Rohema said …

CICC Voice Meeting Minutes 02.05.18

Welcomes and Introductions.    Jenny who is one of the IRo’s came in to speak to young people about the development day and any sugesstions they want to put forward. Young people suggested some ice breakers for the day and put their views across in regards to current IRO’s and how they feel about what …