CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 21.11.18


Lucy Rutter came in from Public Health to talk about issues for young people in accessing health services. Lucy discussed with the young people the barriers for young people when accessing health services and what could be done to help prevent these. 

Young people discussed the health assessments and the logistics around where they are done, when they are done and being able to build a relationship with the trusted adult. Young people felt that they wanted to be able to have a choice about this rather than it happening randomly. Young people felt this was a tick box exercise and how there should be actual conversations to be able to build a trusting relationship. 

Lucy discussed smoking and what could possibly be recommendations to reduce the amount of Children Looked after that smoke. Young people put forward their suggestions on what would be helpful with this. 

Young people discussed with Lucy and Sharon about accessing mental health services, they stressed how hard it is to access these services. Young people put forward recommendations so it is easy for them to access mental health services. 

Overall, different aspects of health and health services were discussed and young people gave fantastic feedback so Lucy can work on the recommendations. 

Thank you to Lucy and Sharon and the young people for their input. 

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