Cared4NW CICC Regional Game Changer 2 Conference

Young people and staff travelled to Manchester Metropolitan University for the Cared4NW Regional CICC Game Changer 2 Conference on Saturday 17th November. The agenda was jam packed and our Care leavers Paige and Sam hosted the event for the day. We heard a care leavers story which was very inspiring, MMU delivered a presentation about the help and support available to young people in care who choose to go to university and what the benefits are.

Become a charity based in London came and did a presentation about what they do and how they are going to work with regional forum to ensure the campaigns go to parliament. Francis did an excellent emotive exercise that young people really engaged in and found really impressive. United Utilities Northwest did a presentation on their priority service and how young people can access that as well as how to save water.  Young people from other local authorities did some performances which were fantastic!

In the afternoon young people went in to 1 of 4 workshops which they chose, there was family time, feeling safe, trust with professionals and consistency. Our young people went in to the trust with professionals workshop and explored the current barriers and potential solutions for working with trusted professionals. Young people asked decision makers questions at the end about trust with professionals. 

The decision makers put forward pledges that they said they would take forward and do and also feedback to the young people. The conference was thoroughly enjoyed by the young people and look forward to next years! 

Here are some pictures from the conference:

Patsy Burrows, our Head of Service and Merlin Joseph our Director of Children’s service also attended.

Young people attended the trust with professionals workshop and looked at the current barriers and potential solutions. 

Sam and Paige did a great job hosting the event and closing it! Well done both of you!!! 


Visual Minutes from the conference. Excellent job done by Chantel. 

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