CICC Northwest Regional Meeting – Warrington 14.07.18

We went to the CICC Northwest Regional Meeting on Saturday 14th July at Safety Central in Warrington. 

We got a fantastic personalised welcome from the staff at the centre. The morning session consisted of a tour around their four themed zones within the centre. There was an immersive 270o cinema room where tours of the centre begin and led on to the four themes which are: 

  • Safer Choices – a series of immersive scenarios encouraging people to think about the impact of their decisions including a police custody suite and cell, courtroom, convenience store and a space for learning about online safety and healthy lifestyles
  • Safe as Houses – a full-sized three-bedroom family home, shed and garden all rigged to not only demonstrate the most common causes of accidents, but also technologies to help prevent injury and promote independence
  • Streetsafe – a dramatic urban environment complete with a road, bridge, toucan crossing, cycle path, railway station, park, canalside, alleyway, building site and substation
  • Rural risk – recreating Cheshire’s great outdoors…indoors, this zone highlights hidden dangers in the open countryside, forest and lakes, on farms and on rural roads.

It was a fantastic tour and young people thoroughly enjoyed it so thank you to Safety Central and the staff for that. 

After lunch the afternoon session was ran by Ofsted Inspector Judith who came in to speak to young people about mental health, what it means to them and the ways that professionals can interact with young people about mental health. 

There were different sheets given about and young people were asked about their feedback in to different professionals and people who are in young peoples lives and how they can help when it comes to mental health. 

Judith was great in addressing the issue of what is mental health and how would young people want it to be approached. The purpose of this was to incorporate what young people have said to sit with the current training pack that is being devised for all the Ofsted Inspectors. Judith said she would forward the final training pack and include all the feedback young people have gave in the training. 

Stuart asked for local authorities to feedback what they have been up to if they want to some fantastic things happening in the Northwest currently!

Homework for all the Local authorities to ask at CICC meetings what makes a good event and what makes a bad event.

Overall a fantastic day and some brilliant ideas in regards to mental health .

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