CICC Voice Meeting Minutes 28.03.18

This meeting was very different to a normal one! Young people discussed around service improvement and what needed to be improved and what could be improved. Young people made collages of how social services could be improved by using photography as a medium to portray this message. 

Young people went outside in groups and took pictures of different things that they felt represented something to them about social care. This for example could be a clock that relays a social worker being on time and not late to meetings. 

Young people made their collages in their groups and closed the meeting by discussing their thoughts on the whole session and how the suggestions could be took forward. 

Below is some of the work the young people produced about what has not gone well, what has and what makes a bad social worker. 

It was a joyful session with lots of discussions and suggestions. 

Thank you to all who attended. 

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