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Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Week Commencing 14th May, Menatl Health Awareness Week, saw us release our series of camouflage body paint images.  These images were part of a project in collaboration with Oldham Theatre Workshop and centred around poung people’s mental health

Working with the amazing Emma Cammack ( a project was set up using body painting techniques to blend young people into backgrounds of issues that are a big influence on young people’s mental health.  The 5 areas chosen were social media, commercialism/consumerism, family, education and body image.  The premise behind them being that mental health is often an ‘invisable’ issue and that young people with poor mental health often withdraw feeling not part of the world around them.

Later this year these images will promote mental health awareness training for professionals and the Oldham Theatre Workshop piece ‘A Standard Day’.  During the training the images will be used as a stimuli to promote conversations around young people’s mental health.

All 5 images can be seen in the gallery below.

On Instagram Emma said

From a series of images in collaboration with Oldham Theatre Workshop @otwoldham and Oldham Youth Council @oldham_yc highlighting the pitfalls that lead to isolation and problems for young people today. This one comments on Consumerism. 
I led a workshop with a group of young people from both organisations, many of whom had never tried Bodypainting before and painted with them to create these #camouflagebodypaint looks for #mentalhealthawareness 
I am so impressed with the great job they did! 
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