Listen to the Earth

It is enough to keep us awake till the end of time

Listen to the Earth, is a collaborative multimedia project run by young people from Oldham. The project uses arts, media, group work and performance to explore issues facing young people today.

The objective of the project is to develop young peoples awareness of the these issues, including a European dimension and look at how young people can affect positive change within their own communities and towns.


In February 2009 the group worked on a collaborative  multimedia project exploring the violation of human rights with specific reference to the story of Auschwitz.

The objective of the project is to highlight young people’s awareness of the significance of the subject and how it relates to their lives.

In the January 2010 some of those young people had the opportunity to visit Auschitz and Birkenau in Oświęcim, Poland.  The aim of the trip was to create an exhibition of work to share their journey.


In June 2013 Listen to the Earth took an environmental outlook. As part of a British Council funded youth project, 10 young people from Oldham were invited to take part in an exciting  youth arts based project exploring the theme of sustainability and the environment that took place in Tiriolo, Italy.

This time the group was made up of young people from Oldham, Spain and Italy with the plan to create small social action projects to carry out on their return home.


On the 19th September 2015 Oldham Youth Council signed the pledge for peace.  As part of that pledge the Youth Councillors wanted to raise awareness of the genocides that have happened in the past and raise awareness of the atrocities that continue today.  This would be developed into an art installation at the Oldham Holocaust memorial day event on 27th January 2016.

To complete the art installation it was decided that the young people would return to Oświęcim, Poland to try and experience what had happened to prisoners during World War II.



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