Listen to the Earth

It is enough to keep us awake till the end of time

Listen to the Earth

Listen to the Earth, is a collaborative multimedia project run by young people from Oldham. The project uses arts, media, group work and performance to explore issues facing young people today.

About the Project

2010 Poland


2013 Italy


2016 Poland


2017 Poland


2018 Poland


2019 Poland


Stop Hate

Our trips to Poland are to allow our young people to become witnesses.  Witnesses of the holocaust and autrocities that happened during World War II.  By becoming witnesses they can return to Oldham and do what they can to stop discrimination and hatred. 

We ask that everyone does their bit to remove hate and dsicrimination from society.  You can do this by reporting any Hate Crime that you see.

Report Hate Crime

Our Organisations

Oldham Youth Council
Oldham Thetare Workshop
Oldham Council

Our support staff are Oldham Council Offciers

Our Partners

Oldham CICC

Barrier Breakers

The Center for Dialogue and Prayer