2013 Italy

It is enough to keep us awake till the end of time

In 2013 Oldham Youth Council and Oldham Theatre Workshop joined forces again to deliver another amazing international opportunity for Oldham’s young people.

May 31 – June 9th 2013 – saw 10 young people from Oldham visit Tiriolo in Southern Italy to participate in  a tri lateral project exploring the theme of sustainability. Funded via the Youth in action – European funding programme this was a joint project with young people from UK, Spain and Italy.

The project aimed to develop young peoples awareness and views of sustainability and how they can influence positive change within their own communities, Using a variety of interactive methods such as art, drama, film, outdoor education group work, discussion and social action planning.

The project was great fun but with strong educational content – each participant received 8 accredited outcomes via AQA unit award scheme for the work they undertook on the trip

The young people of Oldham did us proud as positive ambassadors for our town. They made strong connections with their Spanish and Italian peers and all worked hard to develop ideas for change.

The Young people really appreciated the experience and had an amazing time – but don’t take my word for it – here are a few comments from them –

The whole experience was fabulous. I have learnt so much and its been one of the best trips of my life – Rebekah (15)

I have realised that we can do each do so much to make a change to the environment – Nathan (15)

I cant put into words my experiences but I am so grateful that I got the chance to be a part of this amazing project I I feel it challenged me to participate in things that I would never normally do at home – Courtney (14)

This project has been a special experience as it has given me opportunities I would never have had. – Liam (14)

The Oldham Participants will now plan their own small social action projects to deliver here in Oldham and will be looking at inviting other young people across the borough to get involved and be the Change they want to see in the world!