CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 15.06.21

Welcomes, catch up with young people to begin with. Young people told staff about what they have been up to. We discussed lots of different things that young people mentioned. Young people like to talk about home, school/college and anything else that may be affecting them. Its always good to get young peoples views on different situations that they may be going through. This helps to inform the change needed for other young people.

Staff checked in with the young people around the date for the young person’s panel. This was to make sure if they are still available or not.

Young people spoke about corporate parenting panel and the social worker forum meeting. Young people discussed ideas they would like to include part of the feedback. Young people gave lots of different ideas and helped inform the information for both meetings.

Staffed checked in with young people around the dates for the Step up programme. This is so young people are aware and kept in the loop.

Good meeting. Thank you for all that attended.

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