CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 21.08.19

Young people discussed where they would like to go to eat as a reward for the Corporate parenting awareness week.

Cath Millington came to discuss with the group the agenda for the Corporate parenting panel.

Cath spoke about Coram new beginings and that we have been successful 1 out of 8 authorities to get the funding for them to help with our care leavers offer. They will work with us for 2/3 years so will be fantastic for our care leavers and what we could do for them.

Young people discussed what questions they would like to ask at the CP panel, they spoke about the summary sheets and put together questions.

Young people to present the top 5 priorities for them when it comes to mental health.

Jill Beaumont came in to speak to the young people about mental health services. Jill spoke to the young people about health services if they are getting the right support. Yong people discussed with Jill what they thought about mental health services currently.

Thank you to Jill and Cath for attending and all the young people.

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