CICC Cared4NW Regional meeting 26.06.19

Hi it’s Tia, so on Wednesday the 26th me and Leah travelled down to Bolton to attend the North west regional cicc meeting, in the middle of a heatwave!!!

The meeting was held at boltons young people centre, that was designed by young people. The building was very colourful and consisted of walls full of powerful phrases, beanbags and pool tables.

We started the day with an icebreaker, ending up creating a hilarious story between our different authorities that talked about many different animals. We did lots of different activities throughout the day that included matching actions to the right authorities then adding them to a map. We all had Lunch outside in the sun on the football pitches and then came back into the air conditioned room, much to our delight.

Lydia from Wigan then led a session on mindfulness which was to give us all a way to clear our minds in a stressful situation. Our groups then split into 4 other groups and discussed the four topics we have been focusing on: Family time, Trust with professionals, consistency and feeling safe. We each wrote down the actions we are taking to help with each different topic and then on a post it note wrote down one thing we would ask decision makers to change. We watched 2 videos from Milo throughout the day and his small documentary on Channel 4.

The last workshop was run by me, we had a few different sheets that we handed out to colour in and each one was one of the 5 steps to wellbeing, once out together they would make one big piece of spectacular artwork. Then we headed home with our heads full of ideas we could take back to Oldham’s CICC! Overall it was a fab day and we had lots of new members who had never been to a meeting before who it was good to meet and make friends with.

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