CICC Young Voices Halloween Party 2018

During the October half term period, the Children in Care Council organised a Halloween party as part of a recruitment opportunity for younger people in care.  16 young people aged between 7 to 11 years got involved they came dressed up in different Halloween outfits it was fantastic. Young people got involved in games, arts and craft activities young people made ghosts, window pumpkin lanterns and vampire masks.

Young people got involved in chocolate dipped fruit activity, they had lots of party snacks and the afternoon was packed with lots of different games. Young people are able to meet new people and make new friends. They had lots of fun!!!

We had two special guests come in during our party, the first guest was Julie from Children’s Rights Service. Julie came to speak to the young people about Oldham’s Children’s Right Service and what it is, but also for a special competition as they were looking for the young people to design their new logo. Some fantastic ideas put forward and we look forward to hearing from Julie soon. Our second guest for the day were Bernie O Brian who is Principal Social Worker and Ann Fitzpatrick who works part of development academy. They came in to consult with the young people on social workers. Some fantastic ideas and suggestions put forward by our young people about how social workers could be better at what they do. Thank you to our special guests for coming in.  

Here are some pictures of our party set up:


Thank you to all who attended.

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