Getting out for Good Project

The Getting Out for Good project is working with at-risk young women and girls in the Greater Manchester region to understand the challenges they face in their local communities and to help them build positive social networks. By minimising harm from negative peer-networks the project hopes to enable them build confidence to make choices away from risky situations or behaviours, serious youth violence or gang-influence. 

This youth focused project aims to boost the aspirations of young women and girls through sport and arts with support from mentors. Activities include boxing and fitness, football, drama and film-making with each activity leading to nationally recognised AQA accreditation.

Researchers from the Manchester Centre for Youth Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University are working in partnership with local voluntary groups and statutory agencies. The Getting out for Good project is funded by Comic Relief and is one of the UK partners in an international support programme called I Define Me, along with projects in Colombia and South Africa.

If you are interested in getting involved contact Angela Lofters via email: [email protected]

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