CICC Voice Meeting Minutes 14.02.18


Clare Bamford attended in regards to STARS celebration event, she questioned young people about the likes and dislikes of the event from last year. Young people and Clare discussed the possibility of doing it differently this year and asked for suggestions from young people about this.

Bernie O Brien who is Principal Social Worker and her student social worker Kirsty came to the meeting to speak to the young people in regards to a Welcome to Care Pack. 

Discussions around what should be in this pack and why, young people put suggestions forward for Bernie and Kirsty. Young people were asked about their experiences of when they first come in to care and what it was like. 

Bernie and Kirsty to work with the young people the next few weeks to come up with this pack and what should be in it. Both to come back next week to have some more discussions and start planning with young people. 


Thank you to guests for attending 


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