CICC VOICE Meeting Minutes 04.12.19

Young Voices party was discussed first as Terrence was due to come in at 5:00pm. Young people discussed what games they would like to facilitate at the party and put together some craft ideas. Young people to help facilitate the crafts and games at the party.

Terrence works part of the complaints department, he come to consult the young people on the complaints leaflet. Young people discussed how they felt about the old version and the new version. Young people gave suggestions on what they would prefer and why. Young people put forward lots of ideas and Terrence to come back once the leaflet has been designed/adjusted.

Youth mental health first aid training to be delivered for both the young people and staff. Young people told about the date and whether they would want to do it. All young people agreed to do it.

On the last Youth Council Champions/ Ambassador session we are going to Oldham Theatre Workshop to watch The Goldfish Boy. Young people were given letters and consent forms to return by next week.

Brilliant children in care council meeting. Thank you to all who attended.

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