CICC Voice Meeting Minutes 12.12.18

Welcomes and Introductions thank you for all attending.

Young people discussed writing a letter to all corporate parents to speak about what corporate parenting is from young persons perspective.

Cath Millington came in to speak about embedding what corporate parenting is in staff induction packs so all new staff memeber are aware about corporate parenting from the start.

Young people discussed doing campaign days to raise awareness of Corporate parenting. Two dates have been put forward and young people to design and deliver. The days will entail raising awareness of what corporate parenting is but also who the Children in care council is.

Young people spoke about the Takeover Day and how CP panel members could be asked if they would like to take over as part of the corporate parenting panel.

Merlin Jospeh and Patsy Burrows attending the meeting and young people were able to discuss with them about the next STARS event and Corporate parenting conferene. Young people being prepared and having help available when accessing your files, getting involved with residential homes and how our young people feel.

Discussions about CAFCASS coming to meet with CICC and speak to us so young people are aware of what they do but also being able to help them with any consultations

Lots of ideas and great things to work on from this meeting.

Thank you to all who attended.

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