Meet the Youth Councillors – Jade Calder

Hello, I’m Jade Calder, the newly elected vice chairThe Youth Councillor who runs the meeting, heads up the organisation and has the casting vote. Or something to sit on but probably the first one on our site :-)... More of Oldham Youth Council. As I joined the Youth Council when I was 13, this means I have spent practically all of my adolescence travelling to various town halls and youth centres in the north west representing the town on a regional level at YouthforiaAn organisation in which youth councillors from the North West meet up and work on campaigns and training. conventions, an event which I always find great value in attending as it allows me to meet other young people from far and wide who are equally passionate as I am in strengthening the democratic voice of young people. I even represent the views/complaints/impassioned rants of young people across North Manchester who attend these events as a member of Youthforia’s Steering GroupA group that manages (steers) projects and work done for an organisation. One example is Youthforia NW’s Steering Group, which plan all the events occurring at a Youthforia NW Meeting.... More. However, this is only a part of my role as a Youth Councillor, which has involved everything from visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh and meeting the Shadow Cabinet at Portcullis House for Votes at 16 to interviewing staff for Oldham Council, attending workshops by the local Clinical Commissioning Group and working alongside Oxfam on helping women and LGBT+ young people develop campaigning skills. Furthermore, after I was somehow elected Member of Youth Parliament for Oldham I ended up speaking in the House of Commons about our local MPMember of Parliament – A member of parliament is an elected member which represents a constituency views and concerns to the Government and in Parliament.... More Jim McMahon’s bill on Votes at 16 and the importance of youth engagement in politics, undoubtedly one of the highlights of my life, even if it did lead to a bizarre tangent about leaky buckets in the civil centre. The week before this a group of us also went down to London and met Jeremy Corbyn, who told us that we were making history with the Private Member’s Bill, which was nice of him even though it didn’t pass. Despite all of this, I actually didn’t join the Youth Council to pursue any of these issues; I also care strongly about improving environmental policies in the local area, ensuring that there is greater youth input into mental health services (which I spoke about at a conference at the University of Cambridge last year, something which I would have never had the courage to do were it not for my time in the Youth Council being supported by the most fantastic and passionate group of young people imaginable), and making transport (particularly the trams!) more affordable for 16-19 year olds across Greater Manchester. I’d like to think that my unique mix of complete transparency, determination to fully represent all young people equally and inclusion of bad 80s music into the creative decisions of the Youth Council has served me well as MYPMember of Youth Parliament – The Member of the Youth Parliament is elected to represent the LA on a national level. and will continue to do so in my future role as Vice ChairThe Youth Councillor who runs the meeting, heads up the organisation and has the casting vote. Or something to sit on but probably the first one on our site :-)... More.

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